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Dec 29, 2012 - Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum

It isn't such a romantic thing to tell people that you are going to be hanging out with your loved one in a cemetery but in all honestly, it would be a complete honor to have a space in the cemetery when our time comes to pass. Never will you find another well-maintained and absolutely gorgeous arboretum in any other part of the world and as a part of the Cincinnati community, we are absolutely delighted for it to be ranked as one of the city's finest tourist destinations for foreign visitors!

With raving reviews and ardent recommendations from the online community and people who have seen the Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum for themselves helped promote this tourist magnet a whole lot. Just head online and check out the wonderful things that people are saying about this place and you would soon wishing that you can organize your own Cincinnati charter bus vacation with your loved ones and friends.

The place is best explored during spring and fall because this is when nature shows you its best side at the arboretum. There will be an explosion of colors when the leaves flirt with the birds and the wind; and as their colors change against the backdrop of the overcast sky after a day of complete sunshine, you will feel and fall absolutely in love with it, despite it being a cemetery. The management, we would have to say, are very meticulous and would remind visitors to be respectful and mindful of the headstones and cemetery. Some charter bus rental customers who had their first visit to Cincinnati would actually come back the second or third time!

The interesting headstones will tell visitors of their interesting stories and lives well lived while the beautiful trees playfully waves above and around you. For your information, the Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum has been named as one of the most popular Cincinnati charter bus rental tourist attraction for photography enthusiasts as well so, you can easily spend at least half a day (if not the whole day) simply roam around languidly with your friends as a form of quick and cheap getaway.

Cincinnati folks would actually come out to the pathway provided by the organizers for runs or quick jogs; so, join them if you are up for it. Search for the paths and make a mental note about the steep hills ahead by going online. Their website provides ample information for those who are afraid of getting lost in the cemetery's vast property.

For those who are lucky enough, they might come and find themselves face to face with a LIVE photoshoot and in some cases, they were given the chance to take a photo with a woman wearing a laced up corset and gas mask. We are unsure about this review but if you are curious, give them a call to find out more about it before heading over in your rented Cincinnati charter bus.

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